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      In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shareitage is now conducting personal podcast interviews online.


      We have received a large number of requests for this from our community who are anxious to capture their loved ones stories as soon as possible.


      Shareitage was founded on values of community and connection so we don’t want any family to miss out on capturing their heritage for future generations, whether they’re in regional or metro Australia, overseas or nearby but self-isolating or in quarantine.


      As such, we have dramatically reduced the price of our 3-part podcast from $990 to $495, including GST for projects with online interviews which are booked by June 30, 2020.


      For the foreseeable future, instead of our journalists coming to your loved ones’ home, we will use an online platform to record the Shareitage interview of their life story. Our post-production team will then turn this into a beautiful 3-part personal podcast to share with friends and family.


      Our interviews will still be conducted by professional journalists however we will the Zoom virtual meeting platform, which is free to use and simply requires you to have headphones with a microphone (for example, Apple iPhone headphones with a built-in mic).


      Our audio engineers have advised that the audio quality achieved using this method is sufficient to enable us to support our community’s requests at the time

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      Listening has never been so special.

      Your family has millions of stories...


      The feel of sand in your sleeping bag as you camped by the ocean in Esperance.


      The night-time car ride home past the burning canefields in Proserpine.


      Dancing to Frankie Valli with your Mum and all her sisters in Coff's Harbour.



      These are stories of togetherness, connection & love.



      Shareitage personal podcasts preserve these stories for you, your family and friends.


      Our journalists interview your loved one to capture their history and insights.


      Our team edits the audio into an amazing 3- or 5-part Shareitage personal podcast.


      Delighted customers use Shareitage to create living legacies for family and friends.


      Shareitage podcasts celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and special lives.



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      Hear a recent Shareitage Story

    • Testimonials

      "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for coming to our home and recording my life story! It will be special for my husband, kids and granddaughters to hear what my life has been like. Nothing was too much trouble - you went out of your way to make sure the podcast was just right." ~ Elly H

      "There isn’t a better gift a daughter could hope for than that of a recording of her mother’s memoirs. Thank you immensely for helping mum create a heartfelt, engaging, professional account of her life. It was fascinating to listen to her describe her long and colourful life. I feel very lucky to know my mum now, for who she is, rather than just my mother - what a priceless legacy!" ~ Sally M

    • Stories that live on.

      Personal podcasts for every occasion


      Capture the history & stories from your family in a personal podcast series.


      Share a story with guests travelling to your event. Capture their memories too.


      Record special messages and words of comfort for loved ones while you can.



      How can we share our heritage?

      Our friendly team will talk to you first to identify the themes you’d like our journalist to cover. Our journalist will then record an interview the subject before our post-production team edit the interview into a short series of 15-23 minute podcast episodes just for you and your loved ones to share.

      Are our stories worth telling?

      Just as everyone has a story to tell, everyone also has stories that they NEED to hear. Your loved one's Shareitage podcast might cover their family history, their insights about how life has changed and their hopes for the future. As they say, 'The years teach us much which the days never knew.'

      How will I explain to Nana what a podcast is?

      If references to Serial, Teacher's Pet or Chat 10, Looks 3 draw a blank, try this: "A podcast is like a long radio program, only instead of sitting around the wireless to listen, people can listen on their phones or computers." Need an example? Send us an email and we’ll send you a sample.

      Why are episodes only 15-23 minutes long?

      Shareitage personal podcasts means your family's special stories live on for generations to come. We know 15-23 minutes is the “sweet spot” for episode length - long enough to get into the story, but short enough listen to while commuting or exercising. Having 3- or 5-part series means your audience can enjoy each episode uninterrupted, and easily pick up again later.

      But my Dad/Mum/Nana isn’t much of a talker....

      Good talkers just need good askers. We only use professional journalists who are trained in interviewing techniques and story research. We know that everybody has a story.

      Can anyone hear my finished Shareitage podcast?

      No - your Shareitage personal podcast is for you and your family members for private use. However, you can nominate it to be considered for the free "Best of Shareitage" podcast, just let our team know.

      What if I make a mistake during the interview?

      We work with you before & during the interview to help you, or your loved one sound their absolute best.

      Can we pay as a syndicate?

      Yes - we have billing options so that siblings & extended families can contribute to a combined gift. Call us now on 08 6444 1707 to discuss.

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